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Thermal insulation

termoizolacjaThe system of brickwork insulation made from 100% natural products in residential buildings is recomended  where we want to have absolutely clean space microclimate . Insulation for internal use.

Cellumit is a construction composite invented  by our company. The product is protected by patent law. Mainly, it consists of a mineral called perlite and cellulose, which explains  Cellumit’s name.

The heat conductivity coefficient ( λ ) for cellulose fibers varies  from 0,042 to 0,036 W/ (m* K), so it is almost the same as respective coefficients for  mineral wool or styrofoam. 30cm-thick Cellumit  insulation  is bound to  ensure a heat penetration coefficient (U) to equal 0,18 W/(m² * K). A 15cm-thick insulation affords the coefficient reading at the level of U= 0,28 W/(m² * K). Cellumit has such properties  when  thehumidity of cellulose itself   equals 12%.

If a building is already insulated with synthetic material from the outside (styrofoam, wool) we can apply a second Cellumit insulating layer inside. It does not interfere with the overall insulating effect of the wall. To the contrary! Cellumit with clay plaster and lime putty layer is hygroscopic and filtering (cleans the air) andabsorbs carbon dioxide very well at that.

Within the OFFER, in addition to the thermal insulation board, there will appear clay plaster and putty. Our technological line is being currently assembled. The expected period of sale start is Q3 or Q4 of 2013

Required materials:

  1. Adhesive for fixing wall panels to cellumit. Generally, all available adhesives for gluing other panels like styrofoam and wool can be used. If the wall is well prepared for gluing, there is no need to peg cellumit panels to wall.
  2. Dry clay plaster in sacks to apply the cellumit against the wall mechanically or manually.
  3. “Finish” type putty whose main component is rinsed clay bleached with lime, bright or dyed with natural pigments.

In our system “Cellumit – natural interior“ we do not use paint, as a rule.

Schematic structure of warming Cellumit – Natural Interior


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